SharePoint Online,Onedrive, Microsoft Flow ve Powerapps Uygulamaları

SharePoint Online,Onedrive, Microsoft Flow ve Powerapps Uygulamaları

Microsoft Power platformuyla tanışın. SharePoint, PowerApps ve Microsoft Flow'u birleştirerek içgörüleri eyleme dönüştürün. Herkese yenilikler yapma gücü veren sorunsuz bağlantılı tek platform.

Aralık 2020,Pazartesi

Yer: Online Eğitim, İstanbul

Eğitmen: Berkay Helvacıoğlu


  • What is SharePoint
  • An Overview of SharePoint
  • An Introduction to SharePoint Topology
  • When to Create a Site and Where?
  • How to Create a New Site
  • Deleting Sites
  • Recovering Deleted Sites
  • Creating Subsites
  • Site Templates
  • Site Lifecycle and Site Deletion
  • Configuring the Look and Feel of a Site
  • Configuring Navigation Options
  • Language Settings
  • Adding and Managing Pages
  • Working with Web Part Pages
  • SharePoint Lists and List Features
  • Adding Columns to Lists
  • Creating List Views
  • Working with the Recycle Bin
  • Working with Site Columns and Content Types
  • Built-in Content Types
  • Document Libraries
  • Working with Office Web Apps
  • Creating Files
  • Working with Files and Folders
  • Editing Files
  • Upload File
  • Creating Library Views
  • Running Onedrive
  • Synchronizing Files and Folders
  • Working with File on Onedrive
  • Adding Folder
  • Editing Files
  • Upload File
  • The Concept of Versioning
  • Working with File Versions
  • The Concept of Check-in and Check-out
  • Users and Groups
  • Adding Users and Groups
  • Adding Site Collection Administrators
  • Permissions and Permission Levels
  • Creating Custom Permission Levels
  • Configuring List and Library Permissions
  • SharePoint Workflows with SharePoint Designer
  • Recognizing the Powerapps Screen
  • Running Sample Applications
  • Getting to Know the PowerApps User Interface
  • Determining the Application Environment
  • Getting Started with a Blank Application
  • Adding a New Screen to the App
  • Changing Screen Ranking and Name
  • Setting the Screen Layout
  • Using Sharepoint Lists as a Data Source
  • Working with SQL Server data on PowerApps
  • Working with Controls
  • Working with Basic Commands
  • Dynamic Controls
  • Navigating Screens
  • Functions and Variables
  • Specifying Application Name and Logo
  • App Display Settings
  • Saving the Application
  • Share Application
  • PowerApps Admin Center
  • Microsoft Flow Concept
  • Getting to Know the Microsoft Flow User Interface
  • Setting up a New Flow from Templates
  • Edit Flow Template
  • Building Flows from Scratch
  • Using Flows to Send Emails
  • Create Empty Flow
  • Determining the Flow Trigger
  • Adding New Steps to Flows
  • Adding Conditions to Flows
  • Using Status Control in Flows
  • Adding Loops to Flows
  • Using flows with OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Microsoft Flow and SQL Server Integration
  • Flow for mobile

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